Our Mission

To Provide Easy Access of New Carton Box for All Purposes to All People and For All Industry

"Customization of Cartons According to Your Needs!"

A Little History About Us

We started our company in 2004, ever since our business has been growing by leaps and bounds, mostly via referals from customers recommendations, through word of mouth. 

When the internet revolution began, we started Cartonboxes.sg. We were amazed by the improvement in sales volume. Today we are proud to be the forerunner in our industry, we will continue to provide prompt delivery of our promise product.

We provide a lot of new carton box for homeowners that use them for moving house, for renovation and upgrading project as storage boxes. We provide carton boxes for movers and delivery services.

For companies and corporations, we do a lot of customization of cartons for their specific purposes and projects. Making and delivery of RSC cartons and Die-Cut cartons is our daily task.

We have customers ranging from big government sectors (HDB, NUS, NTU, Army Camp, Hospital, Schools etc..), big corporations (Google Office, Starhub, Bank etc..), smaller SME companies (Ah Kun, Grohe Pacific, Hai Sia Seafood, StorHub etc..) and a lot of individuals home owners.

What people are experiencing Here

We did an HDB upgrading recently, these cartons box are hugh, it does comes in handy, we use it to store all our books, clothing, and miscellous items, pack them all together. Put them together in one room. Thanks to Cartonboxes.sg Gary

We had a really bad experience with a mover, they gave us all used carton box, that smells. Eventually we return them all, and visit Cartonboxes.sg for all the new cartons. My advice is always get new carton box for your items. Bonnie

We have an urgent order for some customise boxes, we approach cartonboxes.sg, the staff is so friendly, giving us samples before comfirmation of orders. In less than 10 days all our custom made box was done and gets delivered to 12 different stores as we specify. Thank to their quick and friendly service. Kathy

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Our Mission and our Visions

Our Mission is to provide easy access of New Carton Box to All people.

For People who are moving house or office.
For People who need them for shipment purposes.
For People who need to customise the cartons to suit their specific needs.

We make all these needs possible for them with ease.

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"We are the preferred choice by brands and heartlands for our commitment to quality and service."