Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard Boxes Singapore


A corrugated cardboard box is probably the most popular packaging box used in every application. It can be used on a single or double wall to form a stronger cardboard box for different purposes if required.


Single Wall vs double wall Cartons

Single Wall boxes are produced utilizing one layer of fluting. They are the most commonly used boxes for e-commerce shipping packaging, as they are a cheaper alternative to double wall yet still provide rigidity and cushioned protection required of a shipping carton. Single Wall boxes are reliant on the flute, to determine the properties of that case. For example, short flutes such as E, are able to withstand crushing far greater than a larger flute. Larger flutes such as B and C are able to absorb more shock and provide a greater cushioned protection, than the smaller flutes.

Cardboard Boxes Singapore


Double Wall boxes are constructed with two separate layers of fluting, generally in two types of flute sizes. The 5-ply construction strengthens the whole construction of the cardboard boxes, making them the perfect choice for heavier items or items which require a higher level of protection. The increased rigidity over the single wall makes double wall the ideal choice for utilizing in long-term storage. Double Wall Cardboard Boxes are generally used for moving heavy items, like moving house or long-term storage purposes.


Standard RSC Cartons

RSC stands for Regular Slotted Carton. An RSC is probably the most recognized type of box with flaps open top and bottom.


Cardboard Boxes Singapore


Cardboard boxes Singapore is the market leaders on RSC cardboard boxes, we came up with 3 different sizes applicable for most moving and shipping purposes. The carton sizes are as follows

Smaller Box - C544 - L45cm x W40cm x H40cm
Medium Box - C645 - L60cm x W40cm x H50cm
Larger Box - C655 - L65cm x W45cm x H55cm
Please refer to Carton Boxes Singapore for respective box price.

Our moving boxes are all double wall corrugated paper box. All boxes are flattened and packed in quantities of tens.


Custom Die Cut Boxes

The benefits of Die Cut Boxes are mostly used when a customer has a very specific design created to fill an application for containing a product, like a beer bottle carrier, pizza box, cake boxes etc.. They all have special needs and specification and need to be customized.

Die-Cut Corrugated Boxes


Die cutting allows very complex designs to be cut from corrugated sheets resulting in cases that fold together to form almost any shape. It can come in various shapes, sizes, and folding methods as they cater to a wide variety of items.


We frequently do customization of die cut boxes to suit customers particular packaging requirements. We deliver the die cut cartons flat packed, taking up minimal storage space. They are quick and easy to assemble; no staples, no tape, just fold the self-contained boxes into shape.


At Carton Boxes Singapore, we look at your needs and customize the die cut boxes according to your specifications, you may also include your brand, instruction printing on the packaging.