Custom Made Carton Box

Guide to Custom Made Carton Box Enquiry

Guide to Custom Made Carton Box Enquiry


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The following is a guide for the ordering of Custom Made Carton Boxes.

Most required carton boxes are for packing of finished goods, a complete product from manufacturing. It can be just a simple RSC Cartons with a partition or a Die-Cut Box with some printing on them. We do provide all these services.

For any customize cartons inquiries, we will need the following information.

- please provide name, company name, contact number. 


RSC Carton Box

For RSC carton box:

- provide the size, (L x B x H)mm base on the inner measurement.

- if you have samples, please provide samples.


Die-Cut Carton Box

For Die-Cut Box:

- provide a schematic diagram and measurement of the box.

- we do not provide design.

- if you have samples, please provide samples. 

Partition Box

For Partition Box:

- provide the size in-between space, all in mm.

- specify partition thickness (eg 125gsm)

- if you have samples, please provide samples.


Carton Box Thickness

Carton Box Thickness:

- Single, Double, Triple Wall Carton Box

- Specify thickness of box 125gsm, 175gsm, 250gsm

- If you need to view the samples, you may proceed to our office to see the sample.


Carton Box with Printing

Box Printing:

- If the box needs printing, provide design

- One Color, Two Color or Full Color, charges apply

- For Printing, there will be printing mold charges.


Carton Box Quantity


- Please provide the quantity that you will order.

- Do not provide a bigger quantity and later order a smaller quantity, the pricing factor will be different.

- MOQ will depend on the sizes of the box

- We do not customize any Qty below 50pcs 


Delivery Date

Delivery Date:

- Provide actual delivery dateline.

- Upon confirmation of the order, our usual delivery is 4 to 9 days.


Loading Bay

Delivery Address:

- Provide actual delivery address

- Indicate whether your address has a proper loading bay for moving pallet trucks.

- CBD area, School, Army Camp, Restricted Zone, higher charges apply.


Email Us

Email to Us:

Once you have gathered all the above information, you may