What is an RSC Box?

RSC, short for Regular Slotted Container, is a type of corrugated box that has four flaps on the top and bottom that meet when closed and is commonly used in the moving industry.

It is a type of Slotted Container. These trusty boxes require a bit of tape on the top and at the bottom to make sure everything inside stays safe and sound.

Features of an RSC Box

RSC is the most widely used design for corrugated boxes. Its advantage lies in its minimal waste generation, thus being inexpensive and at the same time strong.

A distinctive feature of the RSC Box is its straight-line cuts and its symmetrical flaps, each having a length equal to half of the box's breadth.

When the box is sealed, the flaps along the longer sides come together neatly at the centre. However, the flaps on the shorter sides do not meet in the centre. The flaps that meet at the centre are always sealed second.


How is an RSC Box manufactured?

The RSC Box similar to the other Slotted Containers is crafted using a specialised machine called the Flexo Folder-Gluer. This machine integrates five key operations: Printing, Scoring, Slotting, Folding, and Gluing, which collectively bring the RSC Box to file.


You may watch the short 1-minute video below to gain a clearer understanding of the RSC Box manufacturing process.


In short, what’s good about the RSC Box is its simplicity. The straight-line cuts and scores enabling a swift process that eliminates any need for extensive tooling. This approach proves to be both quicker and more cost-effective than another familiar alternative known as die-cutting.