Where to get free moving boxes in Singapore?



7 ways to get free moving boxes in Singapore

Are you planning a move in Singapore and need carton boxes to pack your belongings?

Look no further!

Our guide will show you how to get free carton boxes for your move and help you save money!


1. Supermarkets

Difficulty: Very Easy
Pros: Supermarkets always have available boxes in all types of shapes and sizes.
Cons: Cardboard Boxes may be contaminated with traces of food.


Carton Boxes found outside Bukit Batok FairPrice


Large grocery chains like Giant, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Shiong and Cold Storage have plenty of boxes available on a regular basis.

You can find corrugated boxes from grocery chains which conveniently is also the best type of box for moving due to its strong and durable nature.

You can also find boxes in all types of shapes and sizes.

However, the boxes may be contaminated with food traces that are sometimes difficult to spot.

We recommend thoroughly checking on the cleanliness of the box and do also include an additional layer of lining in the boxes with paper or plastic before placing anything inside.

This will help keep your belongings clean and protected during the move.

We would like to emphasise asking for permission before taking any boxes. Remember that these boxes belong to these supermarkets!


2. Local Stores and Retailers

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: Moving Boxes are generally in really good condition.
Cons: Easy if you are on good terms with retailers.


Carton Boxes found in Queensway Shopping Centre


Stores and retailers often utilise carton boxes for storage and may have unused ones available.

If you have a good relationship with the staff, they will likely be more than happy to give you some of these unused boxes kept away in the back of their store.

Shopping Centres, Pharmacies, department stores, liquor stores, office supply stores, and home improvement stores are good places to start as they have a wide range of box sizes available.

To start, take a quick search around your neighbourhood or office areas for these establishments and you may be surprised at the availability of boxes just around the corner.


3. Friends and Neighbours

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: The easiest way to get boxes if your network has them.
Cons: Not everyone has a social network that just happens to have carton boxes.




Utilising our social circles can be an efficient way of finding spare boxes that are just lying around waiting to be given away.

Start by reaching out to friends and family who have recently moved.

They might have leftover boxes that they no longer need and would be happy to pass on.

Additionally, consider posting a status on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, letting your network know that you're in need of moving boxes.



4. Carousell and Facebook Marketplace

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: You can start looking for moving boxes immediately.
Cons: Subjected to availability and is limited in terms of shapes and sizes.


Carousell and Facebook Marketplace are popular online platforms in Singapore where you can find free moving boxes or purchase them at a low cost.

To find free moving boxes on Carousell or Facebook Marketplace, simply go to the respective websites or apps and type relevant keywords such as "moving boxes," "carton boxes," or "cardboard boxes" in the search bar.

Next, filter the price to $0 / Free. This will generate listings that are looking to clear their carton boxes for free as you can see from the image below.


Finding free moving boxes on Carousell


You can then browse through the listings to find the boxes that suit your needs.

Keep in mind that availability may vary, so it is a good idea to check back frequently or set up notifications for new listings.

Additionally, you may find that the shapes and sizes of boxes are limited as listings may just be for a few boxes.


5. Online communities that moved house recently

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: Simply reusing other people's moving boxes, therefore, the shapes and sizes of carton boxes are literally perfect for moving.
Cons: Have to manually find the online communities.


Facebook vendor and owner group with 1.2k members


Online communities that recently moved is a great avenue for your free carton boxes.

Look out for condominiums and BTO flats that TOP-ed recently and Google search these projects for their respective "Vendor and Owners" group.

These groups are an excellent way to reach out to a huge audience at once.

Such groups are usually for vendors to advertise to homeowners but what is stopping you from looking to get boxes for free?

Post an ad looking to help the new homeowners clear their carton boxes.

Don't forget that these new homeowners will want to get rid of their used boxes as well.

Just let them know that you will help them clear their carton boxes for free and I am sure you will get some offers!

Just remember, when approaching people who have just moved, it is important to be considerate of their situation and respectful of their time.


6. Recycling Centres

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: An official channel for getting reusable items such as carton boxes.
Cons: You have to take your time to find moving boxes in the best condition.




Recycling Centres are one of the many recommendations other sites will mention. You may find that boxes are often flattened and folded and can come from a variety of sources, supermarkets being one of them.

While they can still be perfectly suitable for your moving needs, you have to ensure that there is no contamination and the box is in a good enough condition to survive the move.

This might result in a longer and harder time to source for your box.

To locate the nearest recycling centre, you may visit the National Environment Agency (NEA) website and select the recycling centre that is most convenient for you.

Once there, you can inquire about any available boxes that you can take for free.


7. Offices and Industrial Buildings

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: If you work in an office, you can check if there are any carton boxes available right away.
Cons: The condition of cardboard boxes may be poor, similar to the ones you will find in Recycling Centres but likely without food contamination.


Used Carton Boxes in an Industrial Building Recycling Bay


Office buildings and B1 industrial buildings receive numerous packages and shipments daily and often discard their boxes immediately.

These boxes are placed in the recycling bay on the premises of the office itself, oftentimes in the car park.

When looking for free moving boxes in office buildings, you can approach the people at the front desk and kindly ask if they have any boxes available.

They may direct you to a designated area where you can pick up the boxes.


Our Recommendation

One final tip for selecting your boxes, please pay attention to the number of layers of wall the box has.

In general, a single-wall box is able to hold up to 10kg of items while a double-wall box is able to hold up to 30kg of items.

Types of Corrugated Box Wall and its Respective Strength


We recommend double wall boxes for all moving purposes as they are sturdy and durable enough to handle the weight of most household items and can last for multiple trips.

A double-wall corrugated box is going to be harder to find than a single-wall one.

When looking for free used carton boxes in Singapore, you have to keep in mind that used free boxes may also not be in the best physical condition.

While they can still serve their purpose of packing household items, it is important to inspect them for any contamination, damages or weaknesses before use.

Although free used carton boxes are what you came for, we recommend a mix of both new and used boxes.

You can use your new boxes for your higher-value items, while you can use your free boxes for your lower-value items. You can get new boxes at affordable prices here.

Happy box hunting!


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