Carton Box C433 - L46cm x W35cm x H30cm

Carton Box C433Carton Box C433
Sales price 35,00 $
Carton Box C433
- L46cm x W35cm x H30cm
- Double Wall Carton Box
- Comes with Optional Handle on both side
- Sold in 10pcs Pack

Excellent Boxes for putting books, heavy items,
and moving house.

New Carton Box

Carton Box for Packing and Moving House.


C433 - L46cm x W35cm x H30cm  - Price $3.50 each

It comes with a handle on both sides.

This box is a strong and Double Wall Box.


Excellent for putting books, A4 and A3 paper filing, archive, and storage boxes.


This box is specially designed to keep 6 arch files in a box.
Frequently used for companies to keep their account books and filing invoices.


If you are finding a carton box for checking in at the airport, this box is the right size to go.
Almost all airline has no problem with this box-checking in. It can take a 20kg weight load.



If you are buying less than 10pcs of carton boxes, you may have to visit our warehouse for self-collection.


You may also call our hotline 6372-1581 for manual order assistance.





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