Carton Box C555 - L50cm x W50cm x H50cm

Carton Box C555Carton Box C555
Sales price 45,00 $
Carton Box C555
- L50cm x W50cm x H50cm
- Double Wall Carton Box
- Sold in 10pcs Pack

Excellent Boxes for putting books, heavy items,
and moving house.

New Carton Box


Carton Box for Packing and Moving House.


C555 - L50cm x W50cm x H50cm  - Price $4.50 each

This box is a Strong and Double Wall Box.

The carton is big enough for clothes, curtains, books, all electronic items, etc..





If you are buying less than 10pcs of carton boxes, you may have to visit our warehouse for self-collection.


You may also call our hotline 6372-1581 for manual order assistance.


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